Rabu, 07 November 2012


Parts for repair plane (recipe fusion in factory land = part plane)

1. Diamond winshield, use rod bottle in mr crab shop for change furdiburb antenna become rod,  then go to island for fishing, if catch little fish use little fish become bait then catch fish again, use fish you catch again and again until catch big fish with lamp in it head, the fish is bait for catch 
kraken, now furdiburb inside mouth kraken, take tooth and see recipe near skeleton (don't touch above tongue after you take tooth and see the recipe)

2. Ai core, go to gypsy woman land, give water plant and you will get small mushroom it can make furdiburb small if eat it, go to robot land in this place you see plant give it water until it tall, after that use small mushroom, go into hole you will take sleep fruit, go to tokori land eat small mushroom go into hole and you will see recipe, go to red farm and put sleep fruit the mole will sleep (furdiburb also sleep if eat it) and now you can put seed, put free seed you can get in jed shop, give water and fertilizer until blossom, take flower, the recipe is complete

3. Dark matter bulb, go to robot land enter robot shop take stone free then enter cage in robot          land, put stone into wall, the mission is listen tone and touch big screen for make same tone (yellow square is correct answer) reach level 13 recipe will appear and don't forget take cockroach
4. Gravitometer, go to tokori land enter tokori shop and take collection flask bottle, use it for receive bird tear, enter tokori shop again and take moon mission potion, pour it into bucket water in two sister land, now you reach to moon, take stone around moon,go to robot land enter cage put stone moon into wall, guess tone again but tone you touch is silence, give it correct tone until level 5, now you have sign of melody and recipe, go to tokori land give the bird sign of melody and now you get feather use it for the recipe

5. Vacuum tube, i think for find vacuum tube is change furdiburb antenna become lamp, go to swap firefly catch firefly until furdiburb antenna reach ten marks, it is so difficult, but you can use easy charge in mr crab shop or firefly jug in tehura shop a gypsy woman, after that go to dark mountain to help iris, you will get recipe (i not yet get this)
6. Turbines, collect ghost spirit hide in underbrush or hide in stack stone find it until only two gost spirit you can't find, where ghost spirit hide?, don't confused, you see two sistet hold on clock? that is the answer, came to statue land of ghost spirit at 9 pm or am and 12 pm or am in real time your city, ghost spirit fly above statue catch it, after complete collect ghost spirit then touch button, you see recipe

7. Orb, go to tokori land enter tokori shop take starquest pure it into bucket water in two sister land then go to planet neptunus you will find orb, starquest check point you will use it if you already reach another planet

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  1. oke thanks too, nice become a helpful

  2. For the iris one I got it you use the teddy bear an 1 mushroom from tiki land an 1 from gypsy land but I bought the easy antenna for the gold an it took me for ever to get the fire fly thing I'm not gonna lie its pretty tough once u get the antenna to 10 lights u go into the mountain an talk to the drangon an you have to feed him the mushrooms so after u feed him the mushrooms he lights the fire an gives u the teddy bear an u put it in the factory an it gives u the part